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Let me introduce myself to you. My name is James, I am a professional tipster and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a winner. I have 32 years old and I am betting since when I was 19 years old. In all these years I tried to find the key to success, to reach in a month to make a 100% profit. All my friends laugh at me when they saw me as recited football teams wherever I was.

At age 24 I knew almost all the games that are played and all results from matches played. All day, from when I wake up, I turn on the TV to watch football teams, I had created a passion hard to explain. My friends were going out in the weekends, they were calling me to hang out but I was so confident in myself in finding the best formula that I was staying home and study.

Every time I was telling them that I am so close to become an expert in sports betting, but every time it was something that I could not prevent. I started with a winning rate of 20% per month when I was 24 years old, now I am at almost 84%. I am in a continuous learning, it is very hard, but I am trying my best, this is my hobby and I love it.

Maybe there isn’t any way to reach 100% profit per month, but with an average of over 80% you can still make profit with soccer tips. I am betting almost every day, there are days in which I can’t see any matches, for example, the days when there are only 15-20 games all day.

I decided to make others happy and offer my bet tips. My tips are two matches on the same ticket, the odd is around 3.00 to 6.00, depend of the bookie were they are placed. I am sending my sure tips on the clients email with a few hours until the match start, this is my way to keep my bets safe.

And something to end the short description, my friends are placing my tips and they are making profit with my sure tips now. They are thanking me daily for this.

About Me

I offer only real tickets with two matches to my clients, the same tickets that exists on my History Page.

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